Beer Tap Handle & Pint Glass - Combination Displays

Combination displays
Home, office, bar, or man cave we have a display to suite your needs.

Display shack manufactures both wall hanging & table stand style beer combination displays. Each and every display we build is handcrafted using only regionally grown and locally milled red oak hardwood. Every piece is hand finished with a variety of stain colors for your choosing. In addition we use a polyurethane varnish to seal and enhance the natural characteristics of the wood.

Your display will include individual felt lined placement holes for each beer glass. Wall hanging units include keyhole slots routed on the back side for secure and flush wall mounting. Furthermore every tap handle display comes with rubber washers included. Firstly these washers are placed over each mounting bolt to prevent scratches. Secondly, as the washer compresses it will always hold the tap handle tight while facing forward.