Tap Handle Replacement Parts

Display Shack now carries tap handle replacement parts. One of the more common questions we receive is “why won’t some of my tap handles attach to your displays?” In almost every instance we find the tap handle is missing a part. The ferrule or internal threads are missing or damaged. It seems a common problem when people detach their handle from the beer faucet parts either get left behind or loosen eventually getting lost. I have personally seen plenty of tap handles at antiques stores and flea markets missing these parts, and until now I never had any advise on where to replace them.

Starting in 2021 we now carry an assortment of tap handle replacement parts. We stock the most common ferrule styles and threads. The standard tap faucet / display bolt is 3/8” but the opposite end can vary depending on tap handle. We have both narrow and wide ferrules in a brass and chrome finish, and carry all of these to attach to either a 5/16 or 3/8” hanger bolt. Missing the hanger bolt too? Don’t worry, we stock an assortment of those as well.